Toyota Altis MK12 牛仔布後視鏡《丹寧藍經典版》Denim Blue Classic Edition

NT$ 2,500



風格獨具之取代型後視鏡,由 7shop 獨家研發設計,後照鏡披覆高級牛仔防水布,彰顯車主獨特之風格品味,亦可增強後視鏡之防刮性,避免行經窄巷、停車時之刮傷,美觀之外亦節省車主烤漆及維修費用。此外,亦具防蟲、飛石之效果。


Toyota Altis MK12〈2019/3 以後出廠之 MK12 車型,其餘年份不適用〉
另有 Ford Focus MK4〈2019/2 以後出廠之 MK4 車型〉 、Ford Kuga MK3〈2020/6 以後出廠之 MK3 車型〉適用之產品,請《按此購買》


採用原廠後視鏡外蓋披覆牛仔布,100% 契合原廠後視鏡總成,安裝簡便且密合性絕佳。
採用 2020 日本進口水性防水膠(Toyota 2020 內裝使用膠),與棉布內外加工而成,形成內/外兩面防水層。(表面棉絮會些微吸水,雙層防水,阻絕水分滲入內部,破壞防水布與產品貼面密著性)。
布面外表,加工進口奈米抗 UV 塗層,可有效加強布質及防水膠因日照之衰退程度。






自購買日起 3 個月內於正常使用情況下,本產品如有脫膠情況,將以回收舊品、替換新品方式給予保固。
保固回收舊品後視鏡外殼須符合鎖扣完整〈無斷腳〉、外殼無破損〈含缺損及裂痕〉之條件,若不符合以上條件,消費者需自行負擔每個 NT.900 元之換新工本費。


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Product description


This rear-view mirror cap is designed by 7car shop exclusively, the skin is covered by high-end water-proof denim, which emphasizes the unique style and taste of the owner, thus improve the scratch-resistant level, that could prevent the rear-view mirror cap from scratch when passing through narrow lanes or parking. It’s not only looks beautiful but also saves repairing cost. Besides, this product also has insect-proofing and stone-proofing effect.


Applicable Models
● Toyota Altis MK12〈equipped with side mirror turn signal, and not applicable for older  Corolla Altis generations〉
We also have this product for Ford Focus MK4〈equipped with side mirror turn signal, and not applicable for older Focus generations〉、Ford Kuga MK3〈equipped with side mirror turn signal, and not applicable for older Kuga generations〉, please press HERE to purchase.
 **This product is design based on Taiwanese model, so 7car shop doesn’t prove all overseas models could be fully applicable**


Product feature:
It adopts 2020 water-based waterproof glue which is imported from Japan (Toyota 2020 Interior glue) and cotton to made, then form a double side waterproof surface.
(the cotton wool on the surface will absorb some water, but the double side waterproof cloth will prevent the water from infiltration, which proves the adhesion)
Cloth surface with imported nano UV-cut coating.
The flammable characteristic of cotton is adjusted to deflagration after treatment.
Waterproof glue is heat resistant which makes the cotton an insect-proof, waterproof and water resistant product.


Cladding material:
Cotton (denim or other cotton/hemp) that different from the usual waterproof cloth made from plastic fiber dye.
This product uses cloth to attach on the plastic texture of the rear view mirror cap, the color of denim might fade due to sunshine, washing or other environmental change, which is normal phenomenon.
It only needs neutral detergent or foam to wash with normal car washing method. Never use acid/alkaline decontamination such as formaldehyde, lacquer thinner or NEK, because these things will corrode the water-proofing structure of the product.
Due to the characteristic of denim, this product will absorb some water when contacting water. Owners should use water repellent or coating products to improve water repelling feature.
This product doesn’t including installment.


Warranty conditions:
If this product come unglued during normal use in the 3-month warranty starts from the purchase date, we will retrieve the old one then replace it with an new one.
It is normal that the color of denim fades due to sunshine, contacting water or other environmental factors. The warranty doesn’t cover unglue caused by using not-neutral detergent to wash, or external forces damage, etc.
Old product must have complete latch (no broken pin) and complete cover (no crack). If these conditions aren’t fulfilled, customer should bear NT$1,100 replacing fee for each product.


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