Toyota Altis MK12 外觀升級空力套件《ABS材質白銀騎士版》 Silver Knight Edition

NT$ 13,800



本空力套件由夙負盛名的台灣空力套件設計師阿福與 7car shop 合作研發設計,於 12 代 Corolla Altis 更具運動感的造型基礎上,強化 Altis 之運動風格、彰顯車主卓爾不群的非凡品味。





● Toyota Altis MK12〈2019/3 以後出廠之 MK12 車型,其餘年份不適用;原廠 GR Sport 車型不適用〉


● 台灣原創設計,並於台灣生產、製造。
● 採用 ABS 材質、並附精緻塗裝烤漆,完美與車身契合。
● 採 3M 背膠並沿用原車卡榫及部分螺絲固定塑件,安裝簡便牢靠。
● 本套件內含七件式套組,特色如下:
1. 前擾流套件:契合 Lexus / Toyota 原廠紡錘式設計語彙所勾勒出此跑車式外觀套件。兩側定風翼套件亦兼具前保桿兩側原漆底部防護功能。
2. 側裙擾流套件:強化車側線條運動感,定風翼型設計更具貼地奔馳之意象。
3. 後下擾流套件:立體造型跑車式後下擾流〈不含行李廂擾流尾翼〉,運動型內嵌裝飾尾管,呈現極致美學。


● 前擾流套件 X 2〈左、右各一〉
● 側裙擾流套件 X 2〈左、右各一〉
● 後下擾流套件 X 2〈左、右各一〉
● 後下擾流中央飾板 X 1 


● 本產品為專為 12 代 Corolla Altis 開發之套件,其餘車種不適用。
● 本產品均已完成塗裝烤漆,無須另行施以塗裝處理。
● 自行安裝之難易度適中,參酌安裝說明即可自行安裝,若無自行安裝之經驗或把握,建議委託相關業者代勞。
● 本產品不含安裝。




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Product description


This aero kit is co-developed by a Taiwanese famous aerokit designer “RF” and 7car shop, that is based on the sporty character of the 12th gen Corolla Altis, so it could enhance the sportiness of Corolla Altis, which makes the extraordinary taste of the owner.


Applicable Models:
● Toyota Altis MK12(manufactured after March 2019, not applicable for older model years and the GR Sport variant)


Product Feature:
● Original Taiwanese design, and manufactured in Taiwan.
● It is made from ABS material, and the surface has sophisticated paint, which fits the car perfectly.
● It uses 3M back glue, and keeps the factory latches and some screws to hold the plastic items, so the installment should be very easy. 
● This aero kit in consisted of 7 pieces mentioned below:
1. Front wing: It matches the spindle grille design language from Lexus / Toyota, which creates sportscar-like look. The front wing also protects the paint of the low side of the front bumper.
2. Side skirt: Enhances the sportiness of the side of the car, the side skirts symbolizes the car is flying fast on the ground.
3. Rear diffusers: 3D sportscar-like rear diffusers (not including the spoiler) and the sporty exhaust pipes show the extreme aesthetics.


Product Contents:
● Front wings X 2〈Left and right〉
● Side skirts X 2〈Left and right〉
● Rear diffusers X 2〈Left and right〉
● Center trim of rear diffusers X 1


● This product is developed only for 12th gen Corolla Altis, other car models are not applicable.
● This product is painted, so there’s no need to paint it.
● The difficulty of DIY is moderate so it could be done by referencing the guide. If you have no experience or confidence to DIY, then ask workshops for help.
● Installment is not included.


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