Pioneer SPH-T20BT 可拆式兩用平板車用主機

NT$ 18,900



● 8吋IPS螢幕(1280 x 800)
● 電容式觸控
● 內建多次充電電池容量: 4000mAH
● 核心運算處理器 Quad core 1.8GHz
● 內建緩衝記憶體 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM
●  Android OS 9.0
● 內建前後雙攝影鏡頭
      -  前鏡頭30萬畫素
      -  後鏡頭200萬畫素
● 內建 Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
● 內建 GPS
● 具備Micro SD插槽,可擴充記憶容量
● Micro USB 端子
● 3.5mm 耳機輸出端子
● -10 ~ 60 ℃大範圍溫度耐受力

● AM/FM 高感度收音模組
● 支援藍牙無線通話 (搭配高指向麥克風)
● 支援藍牙無線音樂
● USB x1 (支援手機快充供電)
● 支援倒車攝影
● 預設型方向盤控制
● 支援全彩按鍵照明
● 設定記憶功能
● 省電功能
● MOS FET 50W x 4ch
● 3 Pre outs
● 後方螢幕影像輸出
● 13波段EQ、低音強化模式
● 多聲道分頻控制及時序校準








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Product description


● 8 inch IPS touchscreen(1280 x 800)
● Capacitive Touch Screen
● 4000mAH Rechargeable Battery
● Quad core 1.8GHz CPU
 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM buffer memory
● Android OS 9.0
● Built-in front/rear camera
    -  Front: 0.3 Megapixel      
    -  Rear: 2 Megapixel
● Built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
● Built-in GPS
● Micro SD reader that could expand memory space
● Micro USB socket
● 3.5mm headphone output socket
● Long time 8~200Hz vibration tolerance
● -10 ~ 60 ℃ temperature tolerance


Car AV Multimedia System:
● AM/FM High-sensitivity antenna module
● Supports Bluetooth handsfree call (with High-end directional microphone)
● Supports Bluetooth music streaming
● USB x1 (Supports mobile phone fast charging)
● Supports reverse camera
● Default steering wheel control
● Supports full color button illumination
● Memory function for setting
● Power-saving function
● MOS FET 50W x 4ch
● 3 Pre outs
● Rear Monitor Output
●13 Band Equalizer, and Bass enhancement mode 
● Multi-channel frequency control and timing calibration


Warning:The USB charging on Pioneer products in only for charging mobile phones. Do not charge power banks, wireless chargers or any other devices because the circuit may be burnt.

Note:Actual installment procedure may vary depending on car design, and may cause additional item requirement such as cable or frame. (The price listed in this page excludes installment and additional item)

Note:The steering wheel control function may not be fully available due to different car model or model year. Ask workshops for detailed information.

Note:All description and pictures are for reference only, please reference the actual product for more detailed information about operating.

Note:Please check the production serial number and warranty information on the box or the product. Please register your product on the official website ( after purchase, so that the warranty covering could start.

*Pioneer Taiwan will not provide any warranty service for products not sold by Pioneer Taiwan.


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